Portable Air Conditioners – Keeping Your Head Cool

Summer is quite a difficult season for the people who are afraid of high temperature. However, for some others, it is the best season for swimming or outdoor BBQ grilling. Maybe there are also some people who are expecting the annual Bikini Beauty Show.

In order to save electricity and to uphold the idea of low-carbon life, you still use the old fan that was out of date some years ago. The first old fashioned air conditioner bought five years ago also starts to strike in summer. You must be quite disappointed for its ineffectiveness. However, don’t forget there is always a way out. The following tips will help you to change the situation completely. lg 1.5 ton 5 star dual inverter split ac

1. Check and modify: If you find the air conditioner is not cool at all, you should check it thoroughly first. The possible heavy dust may be the fatal factor to prevent its normal operation. After your careful check and clean, it should work effectively as usual.

If you are so unfortunate to find that it still does not work. It is high time for you to buy an energy-saving air conditioner. An energy expert revealed that the energy efficient unit can save up to 50% of the energy. In this way, it is better to buy a new energy-save air conditioner to be economic. Believe it or not, it will save quite a lot of money in the summer season. Don’t forget to check the energy guide label when you buy the new one.

2. Choose the proper model: Before you choose the air conditioner, you should know how big your room is in order to make best use of the air conditioning. Then you can choose a proper model for your house. Too big model is a waste for a small room, and too small will be ineffective for the cooling effect.

3. Adjust the thermostat: You should keep the thermostat of your air conditioners higher. The cool room is easy to dry without any moisture, which is bad for health. For instance, you can change it to 70 degrees instead of 60. This is also a secret to save money.

4. Keep it running: Many people hold the opinion that if you turn the air conditioner on for some time and off for a while, it will save energy. As a matter of fact, it will burn more energy for the continuously on and off. You should keep it on all the time if necessary.

5. Keep your room sealed: The cooler room should be sealed all the time unless the cooler is off. If the air leaks and exchanges with the hot air outside, the air conditioner will be less effective with much energy.

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